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Why My Bathroom Smells Like Sewage

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- By Russell Jones

A bathroom that smells like sewage means there is an issue with one of the drainage points in your bathroom.

Check out our top 9 tips to keep your bathroom smelly rosy!

1. Dirty or Dry P-Trap

Dirty or dry P traps are the most common cause of a sewer smell in your bathroom or toilet. If not used regularly, the water in the p trap can evaporate.

2. Clogged Shower Drains

If you think your shower is suffering from that dreaded sewer smell and is not draining correctly, you probably have a clogged drain.

3. Damaged Toilet

The toilet itself can be a source of sewer odors. Wear and tear over time and knocks against it can cause sewer gas leakage.

4. Gurgling or Bubbling Toilet

A bubbling or gurgling toilet is never a good sign. A range of problems can cause this and is best left to the professionals.

5. Clogged Drains

Drains can suffer the same fate as your shower drain. Though it’s less susceptible to stuff that comes off you in the shower, it can also get clogged.

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