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Why You Want a Two Stage Furnace!

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- By Russell Jones

Upgrade your home heating with a two-stage furnace! Enjoy improved efficiency, consistent comfort, and potential energy savings.  Learn more and make the switch today!

What is a Two Stage Furnace?

A two-stage gas furnace has two levels of heat output. High output for really cold days and lower output for those milder days in winter.

What Else?

80% of the time, the low setting is more than adequate to meet most household heating demands. Furnaces run for longer and provide better heat distribution

How Does It Work?

Two-stage furnaces have three positions within the gas valve: fully open, partially open, and closed. Single-stage furnaces are either fully open or closed.

What are the Advantages?

A two-stage heating system has three advantages: it saves energy, heats your home more thoroughly, and filters your air for better indoor air quality.

How a Two-Stage Furnace Saves Energy

Your two-stage furnace saves energy costs because it burns much less fuel. It doesn't dump as much fuel into the heat exchanger.

Two-Stage Furnace Heats Your Home More Evenly

Your home gets cold spots because of improperly positioned ductwork, too large of a furnace, or you have a single-stage furnace.

Two-Stage Furnaces Filter Your Air Better

Because two-stage heating will run more often, it will circulate more air through your ductwork and thus increase the filtration of your house.

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