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Top 10 Common Home Electrical Problems

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- By Logan Mullin

Don't get left in the dark! Learn about the top 10 common home electrical problems and how to fix them with our easy-to-follow guide. Say goodbye to costly repairs and hello to a safe and reliable home power supply!

1. Circuit Breaker Tripping

This is one of the most common electrical problems. If a circuit breaker periodically keeps tripping, it could indicate a more serious electrical problem.

2. No GFCI Outlets

A GFCI outlet (or ground fault circuit interrupters) is required where an outlet may be exposed to water. GFCI outlets are required in bathrooms and exterior outlets.

3. Aluminum Wiring

Although aluminum is not considered safe, you can find it in older homes. These wiring problems pose a fire hazard. Aluminum is susceptible to oxidation.

4. Ungrounded Electrical Outlets

Grounding is a critical safety aspect of any electrical system. Ungrounded outlets are one of the most common electrical issues and should be addressed immediately.

5. Dysfunctional Switches

Most light switches will function for a long time, but you may find some that are not working correctly. Watch out for buzzing sounds or loose or cracked switches.

6. Uncovered Junction Boxes

The junction box is required to be grounded to protect against bad wiring, and it is essential that junction boxes have covers.

7. Light Bulbs Burn Out Too Fast

Light bulbs are not built to last forever, but if you notice a light fixture that goes through bulbs quickly, it may indicate a problem.

8. Flickering Lights On A Windy Day

A drop in voltage or electrical surges can cause flickering lights. If it happens when it's windy, connection to your main electrical service wires may be loose.

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