Contractor Spotlight Series – Vernon Air Conditioning, Vernon BC

Contractor Spotlight Series - Vernon Air Conditioning, Vernon BC

The sky is the limit as local Air Conditioning company joins Phyxter Home Services

If you ask experienced independent contractor Jim Dill about what’s up and coming in the skilled trades industry, his answer is intriguing: More Phyxter-branded trucks and more happy customers.

Jim Dill is a partner with Vernon Air Conditioning, which has recently joined the Phyxter Home Services team in Vernon BC, a co-op of local, qualified, and thoroughly vetted independent contractors whose mission is to offer first-class service at a fair price.

Phyxter’s free mobile app allows homeowners to access quotes for a variety of home services with flexible scheduling and hassle-free payments.

The process is quick and easy, which provides an additional level of service that Dill’s customers are loving.

Great Reviews

“I wanted to get a gas line run for a BBQ and just happened to have got a flyer in the mail for these guys. I went to their website and used their very convenient system to book a quote.

Not only did Jim come super quickly to provide a quote but through the email, they sent to confirm, I could even see how close he was to arrive. Jim was super helpful and professional. He was able to tailor a quote for me that worked within my budget. He sent me a quote the same day and all I had to do was click accept on the quote.

The next day Jim was at my house getting the work done, and he did a great job. This was one of the most professional and seamless experiences I’ve ever had contracting work done. I would definitely use them again.” raved one recent customer.


Vernon Air Conditioning

Vernon Air Conditioning is an official Coleman dealer for the region whose core products are air conditioning systems and furnaces. Dill and his team service, replace, and install HVAC equipment in residential and commercial settings.

They have the trade qualifications, the access to first-rate equipment, and the wealth of experience required to answer any HVAC call.

“Tyson, our electrician, is easy to get along with, always up for the task, and usually gets it right the first time”, quips Dill. “… and Blane is a very experienced plumber in a variety of settings who is ready to help at a moment’s notice,” he adds.

Phyxter’s cooperative collection of highly skilled independent contractors offers a unique twist to a traditional industry. So far, Dill is thrilled with the synergy and support it’s creating across multiple trades.

He appreciates the refreshing and collective approach to delivering a top-notch service within Phyxter’s broad scope of offerings.

“Even though we are all independent contractors, we work together to ensure the customer is happy because that’s what matters at the end of the day. I’m excited to see this team grow”, says Dill.

For more information about Vernon Air Conditioning and the growing variety of Phyxter Home Services, check out and

In the meantime, be on the lookout for more Phyxter flyers in the mail, more Phyxter trucks on the road, and more delighted customers in Vernon, BC.

Ryan Keliher

Phyxter Content Specialist

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