Phyxter Home Services Editorial Policy

Effective as of 14th Feb 2023
At Phyxter Home Services, we strive to provide homeowners, home service technicians and business owners with valuable, accurate, and unbiased information. With this goal in mind, we have established the following editorial policy to ensure that all content is reliable and relevant.


All content should be accurate and verifiable. Any dubious claims or sources must be backed up with credible evidence.


Content should stay up-to-date with all the latest developments in the home improvement space. Content should be updated as necessary to keep it relevant and accurate.


All sources should be verified and reliable. Contributors must back up their statements with evidence from reputable sources whenever possible.


Contributors are encouraged to conduct thorough research before publishing any content, including consulting real professionals in the field when appropriate.


Content should always strive to remain objective, avoiding personal opinions or bias whenever possible. The goal is to present facts in an unbiased manner so readers can form their own conclusions about home improvement topics without being influenced by external factors.
Through our editorial policy, we hope to cultivate a sense of trust between our expert contributors and readers, providing valuable knowledge while maintaining accuracy and objectivity throughout our website experience.