The 2023 Lowdown on Lowes Tool Rental Program

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Have you seen the cost of tools these days? 

The lockdown during COVID gave us all the ability to start thinking about DIY home improvement projects but are the prices worth it?

Well, thankfully, for the Pro and DIY customers in 2023, the new Lowes tool rental program lets you kick-start whatever DIY project you have been thinking about at a reasonable price.

As it seeks to dominate the home improvement industry, Lowes said they plan to expand its tool rentals across all of its hardware stores nationwide by the end of 2022, and that’s good news for the rest of us!

Save Money with Tool Rental

Using a tool rental program rather than buying will help you save money for your next home construction project and spare yourself the costly expense of buying, storing, and keeping commercial-grade equipment and high-quality tools.

One great benefit of renting tools is you never have to worry about maintenance costs and storage if you have a small home or are an apartment dweller!

Phyxter Technician with power tool from lowes tool rental prgram

What Tools and Equipment Are Available To Rent?

Lowe’s tool rental departments nationwide will stock a large variety of tools and equipment, from power tools all the way up to earth-moving equipment and everything in between.

This includes a fleet of commercial-grade tools and equipment, including trusted brands such as Bosch, Metabo HPT, and Husqvarna.

This includes floor and lawn care, climate control, plumbing and drain cleaning, general construction, portable power, concrete tools, pressure washing rotary and demolition, and trailers to tow it all away.

Their range is impressive and definitely too large to list here.

In addition, you can purchase other merchandise to accompany rental tools, such as consumables, personal protective equipment, and cleaning products.

Lowe’s will likely have the required equipment for whatever task you choose.

However, check with your local store first, as all stores may not be fully equipped.

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How Do I Rent a Tool from Lowe’s?

Phyxter tech with a rental cherry picker from lowes tool rental program

Customers can rent tools and equipment from Lowe’s local tool rental departments via an online reservation option.

You can find your closest store right here.

All customers need to do is go online, select the desired tools and equipment, confirm the rental dates, and reserve it.

You will receive a rental request confirmation email with the next step in this simple process.

After your tool rental is confirmed, you must pick up your stash in-store or curbside.

All you will need to present is a valid ID and your credit Card, and that’s it!

The Dreaded Terms and Conditions

Lowes terms and conditions

As with everything, you need to keep a few things in mind with rental tools.

First, you will be liable if you damage your rented tools or equipment.

The amount will depend on the amount of damage.

The terms and conditions will be detailed in the tool rental contract, so read them thoroughly.

🏁 How Long Can I Rent Tools for?

Lowes offers four-hour, 24-hour, weekly, and four-weekly rental periods for most of their tools and products.

🏁 Is There a Deposit?

There is a deposit, and it varies based on the item being rented.

Also, Lowes requires a credit card prepayment for the total cost of the equipment or tool rental that’s applied during checkout.

🏁 What Condition Do I Need to Return the Tools/Equipment In?

Like renting a vehicle, all tools and equipment should be returned clean with a full tank of fuel where applicable.

Failure to do this will result in cleaning and refueling charges.

🏁 What Else Do I Need to be Aware Of?

Be aware of the size of the tool or equipment you are renting.

It wouldn’t be the first time we have seen DIYers turn up at a tool rental department only to find out the equipment they rented doesn’t fit into their car.

In Summary

Homeowners with power tools

Using a tool rental service is a great way to save time and money for all your complete home improvement projects.

Many of these tools can be hard to find and are incredibly expensive in the retail marketplace.

This makes it difficult for the average DIY homeowner to take on large projects that would usually be relegated to a contractor.

We think Lowes’s new rental tool program is an excellent way for the average DIYer to get started on all those improvement projects you have been thinking about but never started.

Even for us as a home services business, we find tool rental programs a bonus as it helps us keep our costs low, keeping our prices down and our customers happy, so everyone is a winner!

Hero Image: CC Image by Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

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