6 Common Mistakes To Avoid If Your Air Con Stopped Working

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Summertime is upon us, and the heat is starting to become oppressive.

For many of us, this means turning on our air conditioners to stay comfortable.

But what if your AC isn’t working? It can be a frustrating experience!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss common mistakes to avoid when dealing with an uncooperative air conditioner so that you can get back to being cool as soon as possible.

Read on to learn more!

Attempting To Install It Yourself

Attempting to install your AC yourself can be a tempting prospect, as it may sound like an easy way to save money.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Unless you have significant knowledge and experience with air conditioning systems, attempting DIY installation can be counterproductive at best, and dangerous at worst.

Consulting a professional when doing an air conditioning installation is always the best choice.

Not only will you be assured that it has been properly installed, but you won’t risk damaging your system in the process.

So when it comes to AC installation, don’t try and take a shortcut – leave it to the professionals!

Ignoring Regular Maintenance

In relation to air conditioners, regular maintenance is key.

Not only does this help you identify any problems before they become serious, but it also helps ensure your AC runs at optimal efficiency.

Ignoring regular air conditioning maintenance can lead to various issues, from strange noises to poor cooling performance and even complete breakdowns.

To avoid this, schedule visits and checkups with a reputable contractor.

This will help ensure your AC is always running in top condition, and you can enjoy the summer months in comfort!

Not Checking For Proper Ventilation

Another mistake many homeowners make regarding air conditioner troubleshooting is not checking for proper ventilation.

A block in the vents can accumulate heat inside the home and cause the AC unit to work harder than necessary.

To prevent this from happening, check your air ducts regularly for any debris or obstructions blocking airflow.

Additionally, make sure your outside condenser unit is free of any debris, leaves, or branches that could be preventing the unit from functioning properly.

These simple steps help ensure your AC runs efficiently and prevent future breakdowns.

Another tip is to check the filters regularly and replace them when necessary.

Dirty air filters can reduce airflow and cause the unit to overheat, leading to system failure.

Replacing the filters on time is an important part of basic maintenance that should not be overlooked.

With a few simple steps, you can keep your air conditioner running optimally and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Overall, ensuring your AC unit has proper ventilation, and clean filters are essential to keeping it functioning efficiently.

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Letting The Coils And Fins Get Grimy

If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working as well, chances are the coils and fins are dirty.

This is an easy mistake to make but can cause a lot of damage to the system if not addressed quickly.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to regularly clean the coils and fins on your air conditioning unit.

This will ensure that the system is running efficiently and won’t be hindered by dirt or debris.

Make sure to use a soft brush when cleaning these components to avoid damaging them.

Furthermore, consider investing in an AC filter specifically designed to catch dust, pollen, and other particles that may accumulate over time.

Taking this extra step can significantly improve your air conditioning system’s performance.

Accumulated dirt and grime can lead to reduced efficiency and higher energy bills, so keeping these components clean is essential to prevent costly repairs down the road.

Don’t be tempted to ignore this task, or you may regret it later!

So take the time to ensure your AC is running correctly and efficiently. It’ll be worth it in the long run!

Turning The Thermostat Too Low

One common mistake that can occur when your air conditioner isn’t working properly is turning the thermostat too low.

When you expect quick and efficient cooling, setting your thermostat below its recommended temperature will only cause more problems.

Doing this creates an overload within the system, causing it to work harder than necessary to reach the desired temperature.

This can result in a decrease in energy efficiency, as well as potentially damaging system components if done too often.

Instead, keep your thermostat at its recommended temperature and use other means, such as fans or opening windows, to cool down a room if necessary quickly.

Taking the time to adjust settings properly will save on costly repairs and energy bills in the long run.

Making Your AC Do All The Work

With regard to your AC, you might be tempted to let it do all of the work.

After all, why not have it on full blast and just wait for your room to cool down?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a great idea.

Your AC works more efficiently when you set and maintain an appropriate temperature.

Overworking your AC will not only cost you more money in electricity bills, but it can also cause your AC to overheat and break down.

Instead, adjust the temperature gradually until you reach a comfortable level, then maintain it.

You’ll save money while still enjoying a cool space.

If you suspect your AC may be overworking or need any other type of maintenance, contact an HVAC professional immediately.

They can provide a quick diagnosis and help you find the best solution for your particular issue. Your AC will thank you!


There are several common mistakes to avoid if your AC isn’t working.

Cleaning the coils and fins regularly, setting the thermostat correctly, and not overworking your unit can help you save time and money in the long run.

These tips will ensure that your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible for years to come.

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