Contractor Spotlight Series – Whitty’s Design and Handyman Services

Contractor Spotlight Series - Whitty's Design and Handyman Services

When a customer tells you that you’re the best company they’ve ever dealt with, you know you’ve found your calling professionally.

For Jonathan Whitton, owner of Whitty’s Design & Handyman Services in Oklahoma City, OK, his professional experience combined with his honest, ethical approach to doing business results in an ever-growing list of satisfied clients.  

“I have 20 years experience in the construction industry and a heart for helping people”, says Whitty, a single father of three children who also serves as a pastor on the weekends.

Starting his own company one year ago and took a leap of faith, but Whitty felt he had developed the skillset and mindset required to help those in need while providing for his family.

Whitty’s service options are broad, yet his approach is simple: his company takes on various projects, from new builds to remodels, and he always puts business ethics over business profits.

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Caring for each customer as a person is the heart of his business, explains Whitty.

“We once had a renovation project where we discovered mold inside the shower walls.”

Due to the client’s financial means, they could not pay the industry standard for the unforeseen expenses.

We worked with the client to establish a fair price for everyone.

At that point, the safety of the family, particularly the children in the home, was a priority over profit.”

His approach is working. Beyond providing high-quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices, Whitty finds that his open communication and ethical approach to doing business is what his clients appreciate.

“Jonathon is a hard worker and very dependable. I would refer anyone to him for his services. I will be contacting him for our next home projects,” said Seth, one of Whitty’s valued customers.

This dependable approach to doing business results in more new service calls and repeat customers.

With business growing, he has established a talented and experienced team that shares his deep belief in combining high-quality service and ethical standards.

The company now schedules in-home, no-pressure, free project estimates for specialty builds, installations, and repairs.

They also provide plumbing, installation, electrical, wall mounting, and other in-home handyman services.

With a fair, customer-based approach, Whitty’s Design & Handyman Services is operating from the right playbook.

Phyxter applauds Jonathon’s approach to doing well by doing good and wishes him and his team continued success, one customer relationship at a time.

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