How Much Does Electrical Work Cost in 2024?

How Much Does Electrical Work Cost? [2022] Phyxter Home Services

When it comes to electrical concerns, most homeowners shy away from doing the job. That’s why professional electricians remain in high demand.

If you need electrical work done, know upfront what’s about to come out of your pocket. Professional electricians deal with electrical crises. They prevent electrocution when homeowners make DIY attempts at electrical problems.

Electricians also save owners from wasting money on electrical products and buying a bunch of specialty tools. Products and tools they have no clue how to use. Get the job done the right way.

When it comes to the field of electrical work, you need to know where your money goes. Discover right here some common electrical issues and how much they should cost.

Typical Electrical Projects

Electrical professionals show up for all types of electrical concerns. The most common and costly projects are for things we use every day.

The average cost for typical electrical jobs works your wallet out like this:

Dead Switches

Nothing’s more annoying than flicking a switch and watching the light flutter or not come on at all. Fortunately, for an electrician, this is a quick, easy job that won’t break your pockets. Fixing a shady switch may run you anywhere from $100 to $150.

New Outlets

Today’s modernized homes go up as fast electricity bills. But outlet placement or lack thereof is still an issue. You can get an electrician to install a new outlet for as low as $150.

If they have to replace and move an outlet, expect to add in more costs for labor. That may push the price well over $200.

Circuit Breaker

During the holiday season, people go overboard with lights and decorations. Overloaded circuits are the end result. On top of regular wear and tear, overloaded circuits lead to a blown circuit breaker.

This is an easy fix for a professional. So the cost comes in low at about $150. That includes materials and labor in most service calls.

Rewiring a House

Upgrading an old house may require rewiring the entire structure. An electrician would have to open up the walls for this type of job. That’s where the higher costs come in. Depending on the square foot, rewiring a whole house costs between $2,500 upwards to over $8,000.

Remember, when you contact an electrician, make sure it’s for more than one project. That way you get more service for your money.

Typical Electrical Projects

If you were thinking electricians bill by the hour and job, you’re right! The average electrician in the US in 2021 makes $24.02 per hour and typically ranges from $21.12 to $27.37 per hour.

Depending on their level of experience, general electrical calls average out to $20 to $100 per hour. An apprentice comes in at the lowest with a less expensive call-out fee ($75) and an hourly charge.

If you hire a master electrician, you pay more for their experience. The call-out fee and billed hourly rates start over $100. They have continued education in the field. So materials and labor may cost more as well.

Hire a Professional

Electricians stay on call. When it’s time for electrical work—projects small or large—know how to hire one. You can get excellent service without going broke. Assess the average cost of the work you need, then call a professional.

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