Tips And Hacks To Help You Keep Your Home Clean

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Unless you are one of those special individuals, most people really don’t like to clean. They know it needs to be done, but they consider it a chore. Otherwise they are just too busy to stay on top of it and they only wade into cleaning when they are tripping over junk in their home.

If this is you, there are several ways to make cleaning feel like less of a drag and to prevent it getting to the point where your home has to be declared a disaster area.

1. Do housework a bit at a time

It’s easier to clean if you set up a regular cleaning routine. For example, instead of waiting until your bedroom looks like a tornado hit, you can put away your laundry as soon as it’s done. Have a schedule for washing your bed linens. Same with changing your curtains or dusting your window blinds.

You can wash dishes as soon as you use them, or wait until a time in the day you have more time to clean them. Clean down counters as soon as you use them as well. Wipe up messes that fall on the floor. This way, you don’t have stains forming on your counters and rugs. These make your home look dirty and unattractive.

The point here is that you don’t let the housework pile up until you are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what you have to do, if you do it little by little.

2. Have a routine for house work

Just as you do not allow the house work to go undone for long periods, you have to set up an overall “cleaning” day, where the bigger jobs get done.

Doing little jobs along the way will help here because you lessen the amount of work you have to do on your cleaning day. If you’re in the habit of doing laundry during the week, there won’t be a huge pile of everyone’s clothes left for the weekend. Same with your kitchen.

On your scheduled cleaning day, you can focus on those big tasks, like cleaning out the refrigerator, or steaming and disinfecting your kitchen surface, or mopping and vacuuming your floors.

Unlike your mother and grandmother, you’re not stuck hauling around a behemoth up the stairs. You can get a lighter vacuum like those at and have the same power and cleaning ability of the old school vacuums.

You should pay particular attention to the carpets, rugs and mats in your lobby, living room and entry ways as these tend to trap most of the dirt tracked in from outside.

3. Put mats at high traffic doors

Of course, you won’t have that much vacuuming and mopping to do if you are able to get people to stop bringing outside into your home.

It is a good and hygienic step because people don’t only track dirt into your home. They also bring harmful bacteria and other dangerous microbes into your home on their shoes. Make it a habit that people wipe their feet before they enter your home, or even ask that they leave their shoes by the door.

4. Get people to help

If you are married and have a family, you have household mess multiplied by how many people are living in the home. Usually one person, very likely the mother, is stuck doing all the cleaning. This doesn’t have to happen though.

Household duties can be delegated to everyone. Children are notorious for not wanting to clean, so you can set up a system of rewards and punishments for getting chores completed.

You can also make cleaning a family activity. If you have a family movie or game night, everyone can help return snacks, plates and glasses, furniture and whatever else was used to their original places.

5. Hire help

If you can afford it, find yourself too busy to clean regularly and need your weekends to rest, you can consider hiring someone to clean for you.

There are several services, both run by individuals and companies where you can have someone come in to clean around your schedule. You can pre-determine what their duties will be, how many times a week they’ll come by as well as payment.

This will certainly appeal to anyone who absolutely doesn’t want to clean, or is too busy to but wants to live in a neat and orderly home with minimum inconvenience.

Tips And Hacks To Help You Keep Your Home Clean

6. Maintain good air quality

Even if you can’t see it, the air in your home can determine if you are repeatedly sick with colds or suffer from allergies. Even if your home appears to be clean, dirty air could be wreaking havoc on your and your family’s immune systems.

Try to get a good quality air filter and humidifier if needed. An extractor fan can also draw out “dirty” air. Regularly shutting off your HVAC system and opening your doors and windows also allows you to get rid of stale air and bring clean air into your home.

7. Use and create more storage

Sometimes, it’s not that you’re messy, but that you have too much stuff and no place to put it. If you realise that is the case, invest in some storage bins.

You can place these in your garage, your pantry and your closets to create extra storage space for all the stuff that would normally clutter your living room, kitchen and bedroom and make them look messy. Similarly, you can invest in some wicker baskets or even an extra vanity to store products and toiletries in your bathroom.

Unfortunately, what happens when you add storage items is that you might decide to add more stuff to your home. Part of keeping your home clean is not allowing mess to pile up in the first place. You need to make some hard decisions, go through your possessions and start giving or throwing them away.

If you’ve had a problem with an unmanageable mess in your home, you can now consider it solved. The tips and hacks will allow you to keep a tidy home and not be ashamed any time someone drops by unexpectedly.

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